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My wonderful year in Iceland and other stories...

Beyond one's limit


I chose to go to Iceland as an Au Pair through Ninukot.  The most important reason for my decision was to learn about other cultures and to teach about my own.  

I also knew it would be a big step towards becoming more independent, learn to know myself better, - and to really enjoy Iceland´s fascinating nature.  I often thought that I had reached my limits, but discovered that I had much great potential in developing my personality than I had thought possible.

Ninukot iss't just an agency who arranges a job in Iceland, - Ninukot is a family. They helped all the time during my stay in Iceland, protecting me without managing me.  I enjoyed every day in Iceland, even if it wasn't always easy.

That is why I wouldn't change anything, and hopefully someday come back to Iceland.

Manuela, Germany


My wonderful year in Iceland


Hi everyone,


My name is Chantal, I´m 23 years old and I´m from Holland. Last year I went to Iceland to work there as an au pair. This has been one of the best decisions ever since I´ve had the time of my life. I´ve met so many nice people and I´m sure I´ve made friends for life!


During my stay in Iceland I lived with two different families. The first family lived in Reykjavik and had two kids for me to take care of, a boy and a girl. When the kids were at school I took care of the household and also I was babysitting a gorgeous baby from the family. When the kids got home from school I gave them something to eat and played with them or just let them play with friends. I really liked these kids and I loved spending time with them. In my free time I went to a language school to study Icelandic. That was great because this way I got to know new people from all over the world and I was also able to understand the family conversations during dinnertimeJ


After seven months I moved to the second family. They lived on a farm in the south of Iceland and had three kids, one boy and two girls. The first month I was there the kids were still going to school and whenever I could I was walking around on the farm. The greatest view ever with rough mountains, the ocean and even a huge glacier surrounding the farm. Also in this month the lambseason had started and I even got the chance  to help a sheep delivering a lamb. During my time on this farm I´ve seen so many new lambs, calves and even a mere coming to this world, I believe it´s one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced. In the summer the kids were off for 3 months and we spent a lot of time together. Most of the time we played outside on the farm or in the nearby village. We also spent a lot of time in the cowhouse, watching how the parents were milking the cows and helping them where-ever we could. I´ve had a great time living with this family. They invited me to go on campingtrips with them or just on daytrips and really made me feel at home. Saying goodbye to them at the end of the summer was hard but I know I will always have a home in Iceland.


Offcourse I didn´t just work, I also have been travelling a lot in the weekends and in my free time. With my new friends or just by myself I loved to explore the country and enjoy the beautiful landscape, waterfalls and the famous Geysir. Also I found out how much I loved to go horseriding and in the last year this became one of my favorite things to do.


While I was in Iceland both of my sisters and friends came to visit me. We had a lot of fun and it was very nice to show them the country I had fallen in love with.


Although it wasn´t always easy to cope with the homesickness and the culture difference I would not have wanted to miss it. It changed me in a positive way and made me feel like a free and independent person.


If you are adventurous, a nature-lover, a true believer of elves and trolls and if you are open for new friendships, beeing an au pair in Iceland might be something for you!





Fascinating Iceland


After I had finished school, I was determined to go abroad for a while before starting studying.  I chose Ninukot, because I found just a few organisations which had such a huge and various offer of different jobs in Iceland like farmwork or jobs in restaurants and hotels.  Moreover, I thought that Iceland itself is very fascinating and I liked the idea to learn more about the culture and the life of this country, which I had never really heard a lot about. 


Finally, I decided to do an Au Pair job, because I wanted to stay in a family, that I could learn the language and that I still have enough freetime for my hobbies.  And that is actually what happened.  I was quite lucky with my family and the kids and I spent a lot of time in doing sports or meeting people. 


Therefore, Ninukot is a good opportunity to get to know other people, who also work in Iceland and see the different parts of this beautiful country.