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Travel stories...


Iceland, the country of my dreams

In Iceland, the country of my dreams, I experienced a lot of things… I did things I would have never done in Germany and I went very often over my personal borders.
It was the best decision going to Iceland, working at a farm and living in a strange family. It gave me more tolerance, more autonomy, 
more openess and the most important thing for me: more happiness in my life!
Also I learned how to live with the nature, I learned that the nature has the control over us and it is a great feeling to feel all the different influences like the wheather 
or even the moon which has a stronger power here in the north.
I got to know a new language, a new culture, a new way of life and so many wonderful people that I’m already now looking forward coming back and visiting them.
I’m so grateful that I might develop myself in that amazing country in that everybody take you just as you are.


An inspiring, adventurous and emotional journey 

After graduating from High school last year I chose to take some time off to gain work and life experience. Going to a foreign country, learning a foreign language and doing work I never imagined I would do certainly shaped me. When I arrived in Keflavik, for the first time in my life, I was very intrigued by the amazing landscape and most wonderful welcome I was ever given by strangers. 

The first few days in “my new home”, a small family business farm in the south, were both exhausting and exiting, and actually, that is how the rest of my stay turned out to be. An inspiring, adventurous and emotional journey on which I did not only get to know the warm people and the different culture but also a great part of myself.  Ninukot has always offered a helping hand and a listening ear which I am very thankful for. And surely I will not have seen Iceland for the last time, but that is the magic of this country, isn’t it? Once been there, you never want to leave.




Fascinating Iceland

After I had finished school, I was determined to go abroad for a while before starting studying.  I chose Ninukot, because I found just a few organisations which had such a huge and various offer of different jobs in Iceland like farmwork or jobs in restaurants and hotels.  Moreover, I thought that Iceland itself is very fascinating and I liked the idea to learn more about the culture and the life of this country, which I had never really heard a lot about.  


Finally, I decided to do an Au Pair job, because I wanted to stay in a family, that I could learn the language and that I still have enough freetime for my hobbies.  And that is actually what happened.  I was quite lucky with my family and the kids and I spent a lot of time in doing sports or meeting people.  


Therefore, Ninukot is a good opportunity to get to know other people, who also work in Iceland and see the different parts of this beautiful country.




Lost in Iceland

Now it´s almost 2 years ago when I had been in Iceland for the last time.  

My time on the farm in Iceland was one of the greatest experience I have ever made and I´m so often thinking about it.  

Some days ago we had mighty fog in the mountains - I´m working in the Suisse mountains at the moment - and everybody was grumbling about this ugly spring weather - except me.  

I found it great because it reminded me of a mystic foggy scenery in the Icelandic east coast.




Beyond one’s limits!

I chose to go to Iceland as an Au Pair through Ninukot.  The most important reason for my decision was to learn about other cultures and to teach about my own.  

I also knew it would be a big step towards becoming more independent, learn to know myself better, - and to really enjoy Iceland´s fascinating nature.  I often thought that I had reached my limits, but discovered that I had much great potential in developing my personality than I had thought possible. 

Ninukot isn´t just an agency who arranges a job in Iceland, - Ninukot is a family. They helped all the time during my stay in Iceland, protecting me without managing me.  I enjoyed every day in Iceland, even if it wasn´t always easy. 

That is why I wouldn´t change anything, and hopefully someday come back to Iceland.