Þú ert hér: Verkefni um víða veröld / Sjálfboðavinna / Ameríka / Brasilía / Ferðasögur
22.11.2019 : 6:14 : +0000



“It’s a cliché, but you do learn a lot about yourself doing this. It has been difficult sometimes but it really is worth it when you get something back from the children.”

Charlotte Baker


"This program is such an extraordinary experience for anyone and everyone looking to live in a new culture, meet wonderful new people, experience the diversity of our human race. The time I have spent in Brazil has been one of the most rewarding, unique, and inspiring times in my life. It has truly been an experience I will never forget—a time of immersion in a wonderful culture, full of life and love.


I have come to appreciate everything about Brazil; the music, the food, and most of all the people. As a culture of radiant and exuberant individuals, the Brazilian people are not afraid to let their colors show. I’ve found that Brazilians are very welcoming and kind hearted; that has made it easy to love them in return. I will carry the memories and friendships I have made in with me forever. I definitely hope to return as soon as possible."

Shinay Tredeau