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29.1.2020 : 10:05 : +0000

Regular farm work

- and want to work on an Icelandic farm? 

If the answer is yes, then please read on.  We offer work on farms all around Iceland, where you will be working beside Icelandic families on their farms in our unique countryside.  


What is the work like? 

The most common farmwork involves taking care of cattle (the ones with the big brown eyes) and sheep (more greyish ); caring for the cows by milking and feeding them all year around, gathering the sheep in the fall for the shearing, helping with the birthing of the lambs in the spring and the hay-making in the summer. You are also expected to assist with the household chores. 


What about that other stuff? 

  • The pay is minimum 278.131 ISK per month plus 10,17% vacation pay (about €2252 per month)* before taxes. 
  • Room and board is provided at 2439 ISK ca. 18 euros/day. 
  • The duration can be from 3 - 12 months. During lamb season, April and May till middle of June, 1-2 months placements can be available. 
  • Prior work experience is required. A big plus the work experience is in farming or related field. Interest in farming and animals is a must.
  • English is a must or Skandinavian.
  • Driving licence is a must.


Got some questions?

Maybe we have already answered them in our FAQ.  Check them out and if you can't find the answer, contact us


When to apply? 

Ninukot accepts applications for regular farmwork on a continual basis. Please apply here...