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29.1.2020 : 10:06 : +0000

Smell like roses!

Whether you love pruning beautiful flowers or digging holes to plant trees, we might have the job for you!


Icelanders grow vegetables and flowers on fields and in greenhouses. Greenhouses are heated during the cold winter months with warm water from hot natural springs.  


What is the work like?

In the spring, potatoes and other root vegetables are planted and then gathered in the fall. Many farms also participate in a national programme of replacing Iceland's forests, which was all cut down by the first settlers. Your work will include sowing, planting, watering, weeding and pruning as well as packaging the end products. 


What about all that other stuff? 

  • The pay is minimum 258.402 ISK per month plus 10,17% vacation pay (about €2175 per month)* before taxes. 
  • Room and board is provided at 2266 ISK ca. 19 euros/day.
  • The duration is from 3 - 12 months.  
  • Prior work experience is required but not necessary in gardening/horticulture. Interest in gardening/horticulture is a must.
  • English skills is a must or Skandinavian.
  • Driving licence is a plus.

* According to the currency exchange rate in March 13th 2017. 


Got some questions? 

Maybe we have already answered them in our FAQ.  Check them out and if you can't find the answer, send us an e-mail


When to apply? 

Ninukot accepts applications for regular farmwork on a continual basis. Please apply here...