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29.1.2020 : 10:06 : +0000

Plenty of fresh air and exercise!

We are always looking for people interested in farm work.  Our farm placements are all around Iceland, on a great variety of farms.


Most of the farms are owned and operated by a family.  Therefore, you will have plenty of opportunity to learn about the life and habits of an Icelandic family by experiencing it up close and personal.


What kind of jobs do we offer?

  • Regular farm work. We promise plenty of fresh air and health exercise, whether you will be working with our gentle cows, clucking hens, cute and smelly pigs or the backbone of Icelandic farming, the sheep in regular farm work.
  • Gardening and horticulture. Those that prefer something more sweet smelling or just like to dig in dirt, we offer jobs in gardening and horticulture, and of course plenty of fresh air and exercise.  


Well, you get the picture...

More information about each job can be found by clicking on the links.