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Fascinating Iceland!

After I had finished school, I was determined to go abroad for a while before starting studying.  I chose Ninukot, because I found just a few organizations which had such a huge and various offer of different jobs in Iceland like farm work or jobs in restaurants and hotels.  Moreover, I thought that Iceland itself is very fascinating and I liked the idea to learn more about the culture and the life of this country, which I had never really heard a lot about. 

Finally, I decided to do an Au Pair job, because I wanted to stay in a family, that I could learn the language and that I still have enough free time for my hobbies. 


To

About Work

Ninukot offers work in the following fields:

The work places are located all around Iceland, both in the countryside and in villages and towns.


Majority of our work places are owned and managed by their owners, for example a family operated farm or a owner managed hotel or a restaurant. 


All placements must be confirmed before arrival.