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Christianity was adopted in Iceland 1000 AD. The Norwegian king, Olafur Tryggvason, wanted Icelanders to stop being a bunch of heathens and become Christians like Norway.  He had already sent missionaries and when that didn't work, he sent some very influential and well-armed Icelanders to Althingi (the old parliament) to argue (read: Fight if necessary) his case.


One of the most respected jobs in Iceland was the law-speaker of old Althingi (yes, he spoke the law from memory Smiley) and the one who had the pleasure of having the job that summer was Thorgeir Ljosvetningagodi.


He was a great politician, so as everyone was getting upset and starting to threaten violence he said that he needed to lay down and think about this... So, he actually layed down under his pelt cloak and said nothing for two days.  Rose then again, and vote was taken to accept Christianity.


Icelanders still have a saying based on Thorgeir: "Að leggjast undir feld" which means to think things over, and then people wonder why we don't have a military...

It is quite unique!

In Iceland, you will find green fields, black sands and volcanos, glorious waterfalls and rough rivers.


Due to its isolation, it has been somewhat difficult and expensive to travel to Iceland, - but that has changed somewhat in the last years, especially plane tickets.   


Below are several websites that can be help you with your travel plans.*


  • Icelandair has regular flights from most of the major European cities.
  • IcelandExpress has regular flights from Copenhagen, London, Frankfurt and other cities.  Information about connecting flights can be found on the website.
  • LTU has regular flights from Dusseldorf and Munich during the summer (middle of May to middle of September).
  • SAS has regular flights to Iceland from Oslo.
  • KLM is starting to fly to Iceland. Let's hope that they will last longer than British Airways that recently canceled their flights to Iceland.

Passenger ferries

  • Norraena is a passenger ferry that departs from Denmark and Norway and ports at Seydisfjordur in East of Iceland.

Bus schedules

  • BSI - the bus central with all the different schedules. Please call them for a quote on prices.


  • Youth hostels - a website from the Hostelling International Iceland with information on 26 youth hostels around Iceland.
  • FarmHolidays - a website about accommodations on farms around Iceland.
  • The guesthouse of the Salvation´s Army.  A favorite with Ninukot's people! Cheap and great location next to all the clubs and about 15 min walk from the bus central (BSI).

General information

Driving in Iceland

The roads in Iceland can be surprisingly bad to many visitors.  We recommend that people practice driving on the roads with someone that is used to the roads before taking off. 


Brochure on driving in Iceland...


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