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How do I apply for work in Iceland?

You apply by filling out our application form online.  It can limit your chances of receiving a job offer if you don´t fill out our application form online.  If you have difficulties filling out the form please notify us at ninukot(at)ninukot(dot)is

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What are references?

References are recommendations from former employers or other people that know your work skills.  Don't give as references your family members or friends.  Written references are also accepted.

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What skills are employers looking for?

Employers are looking for workers that are independent, friendly, hard-working, reliable and honest.  They are also looking for people that have traveled and stay abroad before, have realistic expectations and want to learn about Iceland and Icelanders. Prior work experience is also always a plus.

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Why do I need extra skills as a horse trainer?

It can take years to learn how to ride and train horses. Therefore farmers don't want to hire someone that is going to be good at riding horses in 2-3 years.  They want you to be good now.  Therefore, we look for applicants that have skills and experience with horses.  It is not enough to have taken lots of riding classes.  You will discover quickly that there is a huge difference between wild Icelandic horses and the horses you rode in riding classes.  You also need to have the endurance and skills to manage and exercise up to 10-20 horses.

We will ask you to proof your skills as a rider.  That includes photographs of you riding horses, video is even better, references from former employers or teachers and you will be asked to write an essay telling us about your skills and experience.

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Why doesn´t Ninukot offer work for shorter period than 3 months?

That is because our employers don't want to hire anyone for shorter time than 3 months.  We might occasionally have short term jobs, but it is rare.

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What kind of work does Ninukot offer?

We offer work in farming (agriculture and horticulture), tourism, and au pair.  You can read about those jobs in About Work.  We also offer jobs in other fields, so check our job listings regularly. 

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Why can only EEA citizens apply for work through Ninukot?

Ninukot can only place EEA citizens in paid work placements due to Icelandic Immigration Policy.  At the moment it is nearly impossible for citizens outside the European Economic Area to receive work permits in Iceland.  The process takes a long time, 3-6 months and then usually the employer and the applicant receive a NO.  Therefore, we don't accept applicants from countries outside the European Economic Area for paid work placements. Please note that this does not refer to Au pair applicants. Au pair applicants can be from around the world.


We keep our fingers crossed that this will change in the future, and when it does we would love to get your applications. But until then please check out the www.utl.is (The Icelandic Immigration Office) for more information.

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Why do I need liability/travel insurance?

It came to our attention that too often our participants had neither health, liability or travel insurance.  Each year some of our participants lose valuables during their travel, needs medical care, damages things for third parties, or sadly, - lose a parent.

Therefore, we decided to insist that all of our participants have health, liability and travel insurance.  We offer insurance from CareMed, which is one of the best known names in work&travel insurances.  Participants can also purchase insurance from other parties, but must provide us with proof of purchase and information about the terms of the insurance.

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Can I get work with my friend/friends/boyfriend/girlfriend etc.?

This is a very common question.  It is always more difficult to find placements for two people rather than one person.  Employers don't always like to hire friends or couples since it can cause problems.  One friend might turn out to be an excellent employee, while the other one is constantly homesick or just hates the job. One might be suitable while to other one isn't.  It is more difficult to go abroad by yourself, but our experience has been that it is also much more rewarding for you as an individual.  You need to reach out more, try to make new friends and in turn you will grow as an individual.

So, the answer is yes.  You can get work with your friend or as a couple. Just keep in mind that you might be limiting your chances of getting work by applying with someone else.

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Can I bring my children with me?

The answer is almost always no.  Many of our jobs are temporary or seasonal work, and you will be living in staff housing or with a family. 

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Can I bring my dog/cat/etc with me?

No, you can not bring your animals with you to Iceland.  Iceland has very strict requirements regarding live animals.  That includes dogs, cats, cows, crocodiles, snakes... etc. Some are just forbidden (the snakes and crocodiles), while others (dogs and cats) must go through quarantine for at least 3 - 6 months which the owner must pay for.  It can be quite traumatizing for the animals and extremely expensive for the owner.