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From Charlotte, Germany


Thanks to Ninukot I was able to come over to Iceland during my holidays and work at coffee shop for about two months. I had a great time there, made a lot of useful experiences, met many nice people and was not only lucky enough for work in pleasant surroundings but also to travel quite a bit and see some of Iceland's marvellous landscape. This was possible due to your generous help and offering of information. I am really grateful that organizations like yours exist and want to thank you very much for this lifetime experience. I wish you a wonderful New Year and please do keep it up! 




Warning! Internet scam in our company´s name. 

People have been contacting us the last days and brought to our attention an internet scam in our company´s name. This seems to mainly targeted to US citizens. The email content is about a job offer within our company in the US or related to our company from a person with the name Tinna Elva Bragadóttir (probably a fake name) and we do not have an office in the US. There is no one working at our company with this name. Please be aware of any suspicious emails.  Please make a note of the email address this email is coming from. If you are not sure about the email you got, please contact us for further information. You can find our main email address and phone number at the bottom of our webpage.

Like caring for children? We are looking for you?

Would you like to become an au pair? We are looking for people that like caring for children and become a part of an Icelandic host family, we have many families looking for au pairs that can come soon or in the next months. Opens external link in new windowFind more info here orOpens external link in new window contact us for more information.

Would you like to work in Iceland?

Ninukot offers an unique opportunity to visit Iceland and experience it as a native. 


You will work and live with Icelanders in the beautiful countryside; make new friends, learn a new language and challenge yourself in a new and different environment. 




Ninukot offers work in several sectors.  You can choose from working on a farm milking cows or gathering hay, meet people from all over the world in a country hotel, grow vegetables in greenhouses, take care of children and a household,  and a selection of other jobs all around Iceland. 


Ninukot can also provide unpaid internship placements in multiple fields upon request. 


Please note! Only EEA citizens (citizens from EU and EFTA countries and Switzerland) are eligible to apply for work through Ninukot.

Lost in Iceland

Now it´s almost 2 years ago when I had been in Iceland for the last time.  

My time on the farm in Iceland was one of the greatest experience I have ever made and I´m so often thinking about it.  Some days ago we had mighty fog in the mountains - I´m working in the Suisse mountains at the moment - and everybody was grumbling about this ugly spring weather - except me.  

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Beyond one's limits...

I chose to go to Iceland as an Au Pair through Ninukot.  The most important reason for my decision was to learn about other cultures and to teach about my own.  

I also knew it would be a big step towards becoming more independent, learn to know myself better, - and to really enjoy Iceland´s fascinating nature.  I often thought that I had reached my limits, but discovered that I had much great potential in developing my personality than I had thought possible.

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